In addition to personal projects, I have many workshop experiences in my previous work and team works, playing different roles as a facilitator and participant respectively.

As a Facilitator

My vision is to encourage people from different fields, no matter with experience or not, to begin to step into the world of innovation, materials, and digital fabrication through a workshop experience.


As a Participant

I learn how to use design thinking methods, user research, and quickly reach consensus with people through communication. I also work in teams to identify my position and strengths as a creator.


As a Facilitator

During my time at Fabcafe, I assisted in the implementation of several workshops with the main goal of enabling participants to use digital fabrication tools or technologies to expand their learning areas, imaginations and experiences. The areas include laser cutting, 3D printing, digital embroidery, VR/xR, etc.
As a primary technology researcher in the team, I research different technologies and assist or co-develop courses that allow participants to reduce the boundary of learning.

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NEWVIEW AR Vinyl Workshop

2021 Jan / Taiwan

Combining AR and digital fabrication to create new experimental music experiences.

As part of the NEWVIEW Exhibition 2021 series, the development of this course involved researching Styly AR Marker technology, testing appropriate formats, and working with Fabcafe’s existing digital fabrication tools. We aim to expand the possibilities of combining AR and physical objects to the public and participants.

Worked with Fabcafe and Loftwork partners on styly’s NEWVIEW project. Responsible for course development, technical instructor, AR content development, course prop development, 3D scanning, and Unity technology operation.
Course Co-Developer: Paul Yeh

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2020 July – Nov / Taiwan

Participated in planning of the course and collaborated with creators and artists from different fields. Assisted in the implementation of 8 courses over a period of 3 months.
In addition to learning more about the VR/ xR field, I also learned to facilitate events, organize schedules, communicate with speakers, document and learn with participating students.

Worked with Fabcafe and Loftwork partners on styly’s NEWVIEW SCHOOL project. Responsible for research content of VR equipment, motion capture, Unity, PlayMaker and Styly.

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Photo – Josh Cheng

Tajima X Inkstitch X Study! Digital Embroidery Open-source software Study Group

2020 Feb / Taiwan

As an instructor to introduce the open-source embroidery stitching software – Inkstitch, and operate the embroidery machine to help the participants to make their own embroidery objects.
My partners and I also run a study group, where we work with participants to study how to use the digital embroidery machines, share techniques, share challenges, find problems, and solve them together.
At the same time, as the beginning of the digital embroidery series, I test different materials and embroidery methods to expand the possibilities and imagination of digital embroidery applications for the next workshops.

Worked in Fabcafe with two partners on the Tajima project. Responsible for teaching content planning, technical instructor, embroidery sample making, embroidery machine operation.

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NYMU x FabCafe Digital Fabrication Workshop

2019 Oct / Taiwan

The four-day cross-disciplinary workshop was facilitated to enable National Yang-Ming University medical students with no prior experience to independently use open-source software and digital fabrication tools. Through the user experience workshop, students were able to create a rapid prototype and demonstrate their ideas  for physical pain points in daily life.
A hydraulic robot claw DIY kit was designed so that students could use the kit as a basis to use their imagination and decide how to create their own creations.
Hydraulic Robot Claw DIY Kit reference by VIVITA, Inc. YouFab Global Creative Awards 2017 finalist.

Worked in Fabcafe with two partners. Responsible for teaching content planning, course assistant, DIY Kit designing, course prop development, and laser cutter operation.

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Digital Embroidery

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3D Printing

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Laser Cutting

As a Participant

Participated in several cross-country, cross-disciplinary workshops. Collaborated with others in a 3-day or one-week short time workshop to research, conceptualize and produce prototypes based on different themes and topics.

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Defy Logic X Logitech

2021 May / Taiwan

Instructor : Logitech Far East Discovery-Innovation Department

This one-week online workshop will explore future design opportunities with the theme ”Defy Logic“, focusing on media developments for Generation Z, including streamers, e-sports, youtubers and podcasters.

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Future Cities: Food

2019 Nov / Taiwan

Instructor : Prof. Philipp Heidkamp

Corporate with students in Köln International School of Design: KISD
This one-week workshop will explore future design opportunities of food in relation to cities. Based on a longer and ongoing project in Cologne, we want to explore new opportunities together in Taiwan in an intense week.

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健全な利害關係 Symbiotic Interests

2020 Jan / Taiwan

Instructor : Prof. Shigeki Hattori 服部滋樹 & Tomohide Mizuuchi 水內智英

Mutual interests out of self interests building communities of people with diverse interests.

In this society, we have individuals, groups of people, organizations, etc. with having different interests. Because of that we sometimes face conflict between them. But, at the sometime, when we look at the well-balanced communities, we can find the symbiotic relations between people.

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The stories of things - object-centered narratives

2017 May / Taiwan

Instructor : Prof. Erich Schöls & Prof. Henning Rogge-Pott

We work on the stories of things creatively, developed and visualized stories from an object.

We started with the idea from grandfather’s mementos Leica camera, if we put camera in his coffin, would it capture some photos from the world after death?
The seven modern guilt were discussed compared to the past, which come from various annoying behaviors on smartphones or the Internet, ignore, selfie, insensitive, blind follower, peeping, troll, and phubber. There was a huge modern guilt bible, which has not only a modern picture of hell but also three torture devices showing these guilt. We visualized seven modern punishment situations for guilt respectively.