Although a person’s good looking can be beneficial, being too good looking may do more harm than good. Sometimes people will judge a person by their appearance, or attach a label to them.

Faceless is an installation that imagines the user wearing it can make the outside viewer change or blur the impression of users’ face. The influence of looks on a person is reduced, the original self, the neglected nature and ability can be revealed.

The background video is describing how people all over the world need to wear this installation to hide their faces.

I would like to discuss that no matter how you look, it all will influence how people perceive you and even get hurt as a result. Is it possible to change this situation, and why should the people who are hurt need to change?

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I wish people would stop judging people by their appearance and people would stop being limited by what they look like.

Faceless is inspired by the triangular advertisement that keeps turning and switching. As the clear acrylic rotates, the face changes, and the reflection of the lens blurs the face.

This is the first time I use Arduino to control six sets of servo motors to make a simple rotating motion to drive the triangle acrylic. I also make a belt constrained to the user, even if people hope that the situation has improved, but still need to pay a price.


Installation, Animation, Digital Fabrication,Arduino, Leather

Acrylic, PLA, Servo motor, G.I. Stick, Leather

Taipei, Taiwan

Year 2017

Photography Lin-Yo Hsieh
Adviser En-Wei Huang

Thank you for watching!