Toy Cars Carrying Case

Composed by a pair of triangular prisms with magnetic function. It can transform to hillside shape. We can bring our favorite collections outside easily.

Car collectors always need to take the car out, whether it is to photograph, play, travel, or even to share cars with friends. There are various storage boxes on the market, and car collectors will choose the ones that better their needs. But most of them are not specifically for toy cars, and cars may get some scratches. Therefore, I want to make this Toy Cars Carrying and Display Case.

This toy cars carrying case is not only storage toy cars but also play. If you put the canvas storage bag with the road and parking lot patterns on the case, it will become a simple scene which is able to play.

The case is covered with EVA plastic for shockproof, and there is a display storage that can be freely placed in matchbox cars of different sizes. Another mode can put more than five matchbox cars or use a canvas storage bag to store basic cars.